Mint & Nettle Bitters


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More Info about Mint & Nettle Bitters

Wild Mint is an enigma, it finds you often before you find it. Stinging Nettle is an abundant herb with many practical and medicinal uses.

Mint is a balancing herb. It has the ability to heat or cool the body depending on what your needs are when using it. A cup of mint tea can be relaxing and promote sleep (cooling) at the end of the day, or stimulate digestion (heating) after a heavy meal.

In Indigenous stories, Stinging Nettle is associated with the Coyote, the trickster – labeled a ‘weed’ and disrespected by the humans, Masan (stinging nettle) changed its colours and would blend into the background growing stinging hairs to surprise the humans; demanding the respect and the offering of tobacco before harvesting.

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