I am She Who Moves Mountains, Nehiyaw from Sturgeon Lake.

I operate Warrior Women Inc., a 100% Indigenous Women business in Jasper, AB offering experiences to visitors all over the world.

During Covid closures, I became a student of Indigenous botany — complimenting my foraging. The result is a high-end travel experience with a US partner including a plant walk, supper with entertainment, and curated drinks with the bitters I’ve made myself!

I now market and sell the Indigenous bitters. Bitters are small bottles of culinary extracts infused with botanicals (herbs and spices) that are used to flavor mocktails, cocktails, teas and food.

A journey that begins with harvesting medicinal plants from mother earth, leads to culinary bitters from an Indigenous understanding.

Join us on that journey.

miyo machihowin don’t be bitter be better ekosi